Wednesday, September 20, 2017



 DSC Committee 2017

The Management of the Club and election of members is vested in a Committee consisting of the Officers and six elected members.  The Officers of the Club consist of the Flag Officers (Commodore and Vice Commodore), together with the Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Sailing Secretary, Boat Park Officer, Boatswain, Quartermaster, and Social Secretary

The Annual General Meeting is held in November every year




James Dodd

Vice Commodore


Hon Secretary

Paul Mogridge

Hon. Sailing Secretary

Jonathan Weeks

Hon.  Treasurer

Johnny Moulsdale

Hon. Membership Secretary

Colin Holmes

Hon. Boatswain

Janie Harford

Hon. Boat Park Officer

Jennie Richardson

Social Secretary                       

Mary Hayes


Richard Lowerson


RYA Principal

Chris Taylor

Starting Box Rep 

Susi Stockbridge

Junior Sailing Rep

Arthur Marshall

Cruising Rep

Pam Macey

Committee member

Anna Chrystie

Ditsum Belles Rep.

Anne Ely

Laser Fleet Captain

Martin Thomas

Solo Fleet Captain

Richard Allen

PY Fleet Captain

Neil Drew






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