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Club Boat Availability 2017

There are currently fifteen club boats available to members to sail at the Club (see panel below).
These have been insured by the club for the use of members.
Who can use them?

Any Member is entitled to use a club boat provided it is properly booked out.
This would include—

1.       Members temporarily without a boat.*
2.       Members waiting for a boat space. *
3.       Members taking part in Junior sailing or Ditsum Belles activities (but these don’t need booking out since this will be done by the event organiser.)
4.       Members taking part in Club organised training sessions
5.       Temporary members wishing to take part in racing or other organised events.*

Club boats are free to use within a members first year of membership, are free to use by Junior members and are also free to use at organised recognised RYA training events.

At other Dittisham Sailing Club Organised events Club boats may be booked and used by members on the basis of a £5 donation to Club funds to help with the cost of upkeep and replacement costs.

While there is no official limit to the number of times a boat may be booked out, the club boats are intended to by used for introduction to sailing purposes for new members and for training

*In a recent (Jan 2016) decision the General Committee determined that for reasons of safety, club boats may ONLY be used for Organised Events. For the sake of clarity that means any or all of the activities listed on Dittisham Sailing Club Programme card  and training events but NOT for any form of unsupervised sailing.

How do I book out a boat?

Each dinghy has its own Guardian who is responsible for the ongoing care and operability of the dinghy (see panel below).




Contact No

Laser (1)


 Paul Mogridge

 01803 732852 

Qubas (4)

Sue Miller
Denise Winks
07891 870986
07770 571485

Toppers (6)

Topper Rack (near fuel store)

 Arthur Marshall

 01803 832898 

 Fevas (4)

By the Topper Rack beside the Clubhouse

 Paul Honey

 01364 649597

Picnic Boat


Janie Harford

01803 832013

If you wish to book Nikita or any of the Safety Boats for your club event please contact Les Moores on 01803 834284

Club members wishing to use any of the club boats must first contact the appropriate guardian to confirm availability on the day and that the boat is in appropriate order for the task identified.

On completion of use the boat should be cleaned, properly covered and returned to its position in the boat park. Any defects identified or damage incurred during use should be recorded in the log book and the guardian informed.

If you have failed to contact the guardian it might be possible to borrow a boat on the day at the discretion of the Team Leader or organiser in charge of the event. However, if the boat you wanted was already booked out to someone else you will be disappointed.

Guardians work hard to ensure that the boats are in a usable state. If the boat you book has any parts missing or you lose something or damage the boat please be sure to let the guardian know as quickly as possible so that it can be fixed before the next person books it. (They are insured against damage to third parties and hulls and rigs.)

NB. The disclaimer printed on the Club Programme and which forms part of the Rules of the Club applies equally to club boats and their use, namely---

“The Club in no way holds itself responsible for the safety of members, crews or boats. A safety boat cannot be guaranteed”. 


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