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Race Management and Safety Teams

The Team Leader and Team
 need to arrive ONE HOUR FIFTEEN MINUTES before each race and set the course. All members should wear suitable clothing for driving/crewing the safety boat (preferably wet/dry suits).  Please note that it is the Team Leader's responsibility to decide if a second safety boat is needed, and the personnel required.

All members are allocated to a team. New volunteers please contact the Sailing Secretary (

The duty dates of each team are listed in the far right column of the Racing Programme.  Please check your availabilty as soon as possible.  Team management is supported by Dutyman which allows you to confirm your availability and swap duties.  Dutyman will maintain email communication with you to facilitate swaps and send reminders.

The Sailing Committee has the option (granted at the 1979 AGM) of altering the course of any race should the weather conditions make this advisable so please check instructions before each race.  The Sailing Committee may also adjust the number of races to count in any points series if the programme is disrupted by bad weather.

  1. The Rules of the Club for all races are those laid down by the International Sailing Federation.
  2. The Club in no way holds itself responsible for the safety of members, crews or boats. A Safety Boat cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Adequate personal buoyancy must be worn during racing.
  4. Slower boats may be instructed to sail fewer rounds of any course. Their times will be suitably adjusted.
  5. A helmsman can only count the points from one boat in any one series except the Booth Cup (AGM 1984).
  6. All Boats must have 3rd party insurance. (Min £3m) for all boats kept or berthed at DSC. Rule 10 

  7. The results will be published in the Dartmouth Chronicle and on the Club Website.





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